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A few months ago I stumbled across Metaname while looking for a company where I could purchase and manage my .nz domain names. I decided to open an account with Metaname to see how things would go. A week later and I'm seriously impressed with the service. The domain management platform is very easy to use, easy for beginners, and the time it takes to register a domain - very fast. As someone who owns 3000+ global domain names and deals with many registrars everyday, I have found Metaname to be the best registrar I have dealt with in such a long time, and trust me there are many out there who are not that good. The team at Metaname are an amazing bunch of people. You won't regret using this wonderful Kiwi company.
Lance Mepham, Digital Property Investor

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About Metaname

Metaname was created in 2009 to provide a domain name registrar that just works so you can get on with what you do. Metaname offers many domain name services not found elsewhere in New Zealand yet is surprisingly easy to use.

Metaname is a .nz authorised domain name registrar based in Christchurch, New Zealand.